If you have received the following email from Aschwegler Lawrence, it is a scam.

from: aschwegler lawrence

Here is the job details
I have small scale business which i want to turn into large scale business now it located in BC Canada and Salt lake US and the company is based on pizza so i need a best of the best layout design for it. Can you handle that for me ?. so i need you to check out this site  http://http://jetspizza.com/ my  site would only be informational, so i need you to give me an estimate based on the site .

1. I want 7 pages with the example site i gave you to check excluding videos and blogs.
2. I want only English language
3. I dont have a domain yet but i want the domain name as OURTIMEPIZZA.com
4. you will be updating the site for me.
5. i will be proving the images, logos and content for the site.
6. i want the site up and running before ending of next month.
7. My budget is $4000 to $6000

Kindly get back to me with:
(1) an estimate
(2) your cell phone number
(3) Are you the owner ??


Scam info:

Apparently what they do is overpay you and ask that $3000 or so, be sent to an “agent”. Some time later the bank contacts you saying the real owner of that credit card is disputing the bill, they take back the money and you are out of pocket for that 3 grand.

Thank you to the following site for letting us know.
Link to scam help.

We’re targets! Nigerian Scammers on Web Designers